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Welcome back.

Do you find yourself longing for pastries, chia pudding, and deep-end discussions about management and how to be deliberate about your role as a leader? We missed you, too. 
In every Raw Signal Group program, we create a space together. We do hard work in that space: we build trust, we talk openly, we are real, even when it’s scary, and we support one another as we learn, grow, and get better. Many of you have told us that it's tough to leave that space behind. 
Having been through a program with us, we don’t have to convince you. You already know that there’s magic in the room. That there is power in a community of practice. One full of people who can relate to the parts of management that are amazing and also the parts that are hard. 
Our RSG Alum program starts with the same commitments you made in the room, and builds on the personal accountability we explored throughout the program. We have the same language, but also the same expectations of trust, and support.

Flaunt It

You’re an alum now. You are doing the work, and people should know it. Click this button to add us as a certification on your profile. It won’t let us auto-fill the details for you, but they’re pretty straightforward:

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Alum Resources

  • The Raw Signal Slack is a place you, as alum, are always welcome. If you've misplaced your invite, or changed email addresses, let us know and we'll get you re-added.

  • The list of all referenced books, links, videos, and materials from our trainings is always updated and available for you folks.

  • The Alum Newsletter is a low volume digest of discussions from the slack, event and job notices, and other announcements for our network. You are, of course, welcome to subscribe to our weekly public newsletter, as well.

And finally, if you ever need to get in touch, email us. The alias exists just for you folks. We want to hear about your successes and struggles. We want to help. We're cheering for you.