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"Very excited..."

Very excited for @johnath and @shappy. Even more excited for all the founders who now get to take advantage of their experience.

Ben Zifkin - Hubba

I can't imagine a better contribution to the community than what the two of you do and will do. Congrats!
Karl Martin - Nymi

"Toronto startups are in good hands..."

#Toronto #startups are in good hands with @shappy and @johnath -for a taste of their no-nonsense managerial advice: https://mfbt.ca

Enzo Carletti - Webspace Toronto

"We're hiring them..."

Congrats to @shappy @johnath on @rawsignalgroup, new firm that trains tech leaders. We're hiring them at @88_agency!

Erin Bury - Eighty-Eight Agency

Johnathan and Melissa know what they are talking about. @rawsignalgroup

Marc Shewchun - Blakes Law Nitro

"So much pragmatic advice..."

If you're growing an engineering org, this is a must watch. So much pragmatic advice from @johnath

Greg Bell‏ - Hootsuite


We may not deserve them, but they are the heroes we need.

Jordan Christensen - ecobee

So excited for this— two of my favourite leaders making the #TOtech community stronger. Congratulations @shappy & @johnath— big things!

Sarah Stockdale - Stockdale Consulting

"...they know what they're doing."

I strongly recommend these folks. I've met @johnath, I've read @shappy 's material...they know what they're doing. https://www.rawsignal.ca/

Keith Fuller - Fuller Game Production

"Two of the top minds in tech..."

Two of the top minds in tech launch @rawsignalgroup to help this space make better leaders! http://bit.ly/2s3fcP1

Drew Cashmore - Walmart Advertising

"One of the best pieces of career advice..."

One of the best pieces of career advice came from @johnath. He & @shappy can help your tech leadership career too.

Rodrigo Garcia - Squarespace

"...much-needed service."

Congrats on the launch of @rawsignalgroup, @shappy & @johnath. Big opportunity and much-needed service. Best wishes.

Chris Hogg - Digital Journal

"Knowledge transfer from veterans..."

Very excited for this, @johnath + @shappy! Knowledge transfer from veterans like yourselves will strengthen the entire #cdntech ecosystem.

Karel Vuong‏ - Diagram Ventures

2x powerhouse leaders @johnath + @shappy launched @rawsignalgroup, which means good business for the rest of us c/o @BetaKit

Danielle Smith‏ - Scaleup Ventures


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