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Raw Signal Group offers management and leadership training for growing organizations. No trust falls. Just concrete skills for teams that need to do hard things.



Four Fridays
Our most robust and in-depth program

As organizations grow, everything gets harder. Silos start to appear. Communication takes more work. Accountability gets slippery. You need your leaders to take custody for the success of the whole business, not just the piece they’re managing. They need a common set of skills, shared language, and a strong sense of personal responsibility.

We’ve run hundreds of leaders through this program and the results are transformative. Four Fridays is the best management program in the world to level up your leaders and get them functioning as a team.

Exec Sessions
Perfect for founders, execs, and senior leadership teams

As founders bring in senior leaders, you need new tools to empower your people, communicate your vision, and build a strong culture. In the early days, this is mostly manageable. But as the company tips past the point where everyone fits around a large conference table, tensions mount. And this becomes nearly impossible if you’re out fundraising or ever hope to take a vacation without wifi.

Our Senior Leadership program starts with the essentials that teams need as they approach periods of high growth. This is the perfect program for founders, execs, and senior leadership teams. 


Cut through the noise with someone who's been there

It’s lonely at the top. We’ve all heard this before but until you’ve lived it, it’s hard to comprehend. Where do you go for advice when your board, your team, and your peers in the industry all have conflicting incentives?

We are not certified coaches. And if that’s what you need, we’re happy to make introductions. But sometimes what you need is an expert sounding board, someone to push your thinking and give you new tools to try. We are seasoned executives and we’ve been there.

We take on a limited number of one:one relationships where we see a strong fit. We prioritize work with clients from traditionally underrepresented or underestimated groups. It always starts with a conversation about what you need.

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