What We Do

We’ve built our careers identifying and growing leaders. We’ve helped some of the world’s most respected tech organizations achieve big things. We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.



For Managers

Most managers start out as individual contributors and get minimal training on how to lead. You’re asked to recruit and develop the best and brightest, but your own development often feels like an afterthought. You’re thrown into the deep end, utterly unprepared.  

You need your organizations to invest in you. With training, you can lead teams of people to do amazing things in the fastest-paced industries on the planet.  

At Raw Signal Group, we help managers grow into strong, effective leaders.

For Founders
and Executives

As leaders, there are times when the next step is clear. In these moments it’s not a question of where you’re going, it’s about how to get the rest of your organization there. You need senior leaders who understand your vision, and teams that can execute on it.

You can’t clone yourself. You need to build a senior team that you can count on. There is magic in a well-functioning management team where people work together to scale the business.

At Raw Signal Group, we help founders and executives get the best out of their people.

For Investors

Smart investors know that well-managed companies outperform. These companies retain top talent, reduce execution risk, and thrive. You get to see several companies at the same stage of growth, all struggling with similar challenges. You know the benefits of a strong corporate culture, even for early stage companies. 

You’ve also seen what happens when companies don’t take management seriously. You know the downside of waiting too long to invest in this stuff.

At Raw Signal Group, we help your portfolio companies get ahead and stay there.

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